Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Prince

Whooo...half blood prince is much more better than the Phoenix...
I went to Midvalley on last Sunday and watched with one of my friend.
I will keep the ticket nicely!>w<
I have tried my first Starbuck Coffee in my life on that very same day.
The Classic of it's -- Signature Hot Chocolate.
Hahah,it was really hot enough.-^^-
Hmmm...the wa sokay,will have one more another time.
Next time,I would like to try Rapsberry blender.
One of my friend said that it's nice.

These days,I feel like...I am being very lazy.
My first violin exam i coming very soon...
I feel very scared,I am worried.
I scared that I cannot do well,I mean cannot play well oral...
I wasn't very good in my oral...
I did mistakes everytime I practise oral with Sherlyn -- my violin teacher.
I am scared!!!
Sherlyn told me that I will problably pass the exam but I am still worried!
I scared I cannot get into sleep the night before the exam...
God,please help me...I need your help...

These days,I realised that life could be so easy but can be very hard.
I really feel it.
And I mean it so.
I don't know how to explain it really happens.
Got to go,bye.
P.S.:happy birthday to Leong.

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