Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heal The World + Malurian Idol

Tomorrow is the day we are performing on the 'English Speaking Day'.
All 4A students are singing 'Heal the world' by MJ.
We was practising for 4 periods in the APD and in the classroom.
It was doing great but the thing is the song we sang was not loud and was too soft.
I think all of us should sing louder with our spirit to pay the last respect to MJ.
Anyway,hopefully we can perform well tomorrow.
I went to the 'Malurian Idol' in school just now.
Actually,I decided to sing at the last minute.
I wanted to join this competition long time ago but my flu is affecting my voice and I was worried that I will sing badly so I decided not to join it.
Anyway,my heart was still attracted and I have many friends who are joining the competition.
And then,I joined it and being the last contestant.
I was so nervous,can't breath!
I choosed the song 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift and I keep on practising it just now.
Scared!!! I tried to calm down and wanted to do my best in the competition.
'Let's welcome our last contestant Choo Min Hua.'
Oh my,it was my turn.
I stand up and walk the to front,my brain was blank.
God please help me...Amen...
I took the mike and looked at all of them who was sitting right in front of me.
I told them that I am still sick and is having a flu but I will still do my best.
Haha,and they sheered for me.^^
I started to sing.
It was okay at the beginning.
But when the chorus part was near,my voice started to shake and...
I laughed.
After I sang that song,I feel like...,y whole body feel warm and my face was reddish!
I was shy bcuz' I don't think that I did the ending part well.
Anyway,I am still happy bcuz' I won my courage.
Besides,Kalye and Siv and Kok Kuan are going to the next round!
Congratz to them.^^
I will not give up and I am going to do it again next year!
I know I can do it!
Goodluck Steph.^^

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  1. good luck to me Siv can sing nicely afterall.....hahaha