Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peperiksaan Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah

Woke up early in the morning today...
Maybe I have used to the time I usually wakes every morning.
A word to describe myself now -- TIRED~!!!
I must sleep early today after my 'CUCUMBER MASK' kisses my face~ -^^-
Today is the day which PBSM members are taking their first exam. (nervous...)
I didn't managed to finish study all the exam notes given a few days ago...
And the notes given are beautifully 'posing' on my book shelve,beautiful,very beautiful.

First,our tutor Mr. Zul had teaches us some basics and rescue tips and ways.
It was interesting,yes.
But sitting on the laborotary chair for hours was not fun! At all!!!
Besides,he had showed us many scary and pityful pictures....
Real human beings!
Those pictures were...bloody.

There was a picture which shows a man who had been thrown out from his Honda in an accident.
He was dead and bleeding.
The road was flood by his blood,blood from his veins,arteries and capillaries.
His head has no upper part and left deep a big hole there.
Keep bleeding...
His face were not a face anymore. (I don't know how to describe. Sorry.)
Do you wanna know where was his brain?
Yes. His brain was accidently 'left' in his car,and i was wondering why,why there.
The brain was pink in colour...looks like super small size intestine or 'chee cheong fun'.
Both of his arms were broken and tilted into different 'shapes'.
It's painful!!!
That was the most serious case I had ever seen in my life.

The time has come...time to sit for the exam.
What makes me suprised and happy was -- we may discuss with our friends!
I mean only the friend who is sitting beside you.
Never mind,I've got a capable friend.^^
An hour was given for us to answer all the 50 questions.
Tic - tac - tic - tac
The time flows by,an hours has gone.
Time to reveal the answers.
After discussing,I was happy with my results.
I PASSED MY EXAM! And I am the highest in the class!
Actually there were 3 of us who got the same result.
Congrats guys~ -^^-

Time for dinner.
Bye guys.^^

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  1. i have an exam same like you next week.. do you know any particular website that i can look into. i want to study