Sunday, June 28, 2009

R.I.P Micheal Jackson

I was so shock when I heard of the news of MJ's death.
At first I do not believe at all,but after I watched the night news...
His death is a big lost for everybody.
He was such a wonderful pop star,he had his very own style,he was being very 'him'.
For me,I don't really like his face and his hairstyle.
I feel weird and I though that he looks better before he 'changed' his 'colour'.
Actually,he changed his skin colour in order for one of his album.
He just wanted to change the colour of some of his parts.
Unfortunately,due to the chemical reactions,his whole body had changed colour from black to white.
Besides,he had been through many plastic surguries,6 times for his nose and 4 times on his face.
His hair was like...curly and long and looks wet.
He loves to wear a hat on top of his head.
He loves to wear long pants which is short.
He loves to dance and shout when he's singing.
I love his dance especially 'moonwalk'.
His legs are superb and fantastic!
His movements expressed himself to the highest point,that's Micheal Jackson.
I love his 'Thriller' and 'You're not alone'.
'Thriller' makes me rock and 'you're not alone 'touches my heart.

His life was not easy.
He had 2 marriage failures and he has 3 children.
His first marriage last for only 2 years and their marriage had came to an end on 1996.
He married with a make up artist in the same year and 3 kids had born.
2 of them are boys and the other one is a girl.
Besides,he has a lot of negative news and he lost a lot of money too.
And now,he had leave all of us.
I hope he will live a peaceful life in the heaven.
His music will always be in my heart,may God bless him.

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