Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hari Terbuka

Today is the day which most of the students are scared of -- HARI TERBUKA.
I am not very scared,and I don't know why,I have no feelings.
The number of students who came to school today are very less.
Less than half number of total morning section students came,you imagine.
For me,it is not nessary for students to attend the class on Hari Terbuka.
First,there will be very less students.
Second,the teachers can't really teach bcuz' the number of students are very less.
Third,the students are lazy to listen what the teachers are teaching.
No point to come to school what,isn't it?
Anyway,I really had fun at school today.
During Chemistry period,we begged Miss Lim not to teach today.
We 'won' and we had a great fun time singing with friends.
We sang very loudly and we did not care what's happening around the class.
This is a life which a secondary school students should have.
To enjoy and have fun always,making fun with friends,chit-chatting,that is fun!
We can take our results after recess time.
I was waiting for my mum,she's late.
Finally,my mum arrived.
After taking my results,she wanted to see my add maths teacher Mr.Yap.
Oh my God.......
What is she thinking......
I was so scared and worried,maybe she just wanna talk with Mr.Yap.
Chill girl,chill.
They had talked for about 50mins.
Oh long.
They were discussing about my results,discuss why my results are not good and discuss about what I should do.
I cried.
They had talked a lot and some part made me sad.
They comforted me and gave me support,I felt better.
On the way back,mum gave me some advises and tell me that she loves me,so do daddy.
They will support me and stay beside me no matter waht happened.
I was happy.
I promised myself to do better next time,I don't wanna make them worry about me and I don't wanna dissapointed them in the future.
I know that I can do it.
Go for it Steph,you can do anything.
Don't worry,be happy.

* loves and supports*

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