Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hi. Long time no blog. I am back to college life weeks ago and am now starting to get real busy with assignments... I sewed a jeans for the first time in ma life!! *using calico but still feeling proud haha* Actually I have things to post,but too wordy instead of picturedy,might be less interesting I thought. That's what keeping me from updating *plus lazy lol*.

Well I am consider fine now but,let's see what will happen in a few weeks time. Every time I started drawing,I yawn and get drowsy. Weird. There's too many drawings to deal with each week. But that doesn't mean I dislike drawing,I do enjoy drawing a lot. Developing our own style now nyahaha. However,piles of work make me feel pressured. It has been quite some time since I watched movies in a cinema,think so.

Owh,our relationship *Ben and I* has been a full 3 years,claps claps. Gonna be 3 years and a month very soon,yeah I forgot to mention on my blog,heh. I wanna tell him that I love him so much,and I feel like... We are like husband and wife already *perasan*. We argue quite often *admit that you are small gas* but things get fine after a short while. Must mention again that I love your height,keke. Maybe you can change your hairstyle a little bit,and your taste in fashion... Less slippers outdoor. Basically I love his everything,but not exactly everything. *what talking me =.=*

Things are just normal. Trying to be positive in everything. I am always feeling demotivated in doing my work,maybe I need more snacks and chocolate and hello pandas and chips... And oh I think I gained weight.

That's all for tonight. Hope not to be forgotten,I used to blog a lot back to those days,hahaha.


Yours truly,


  1. oh hi !! Really long time no see...Hope to see more of your post..!XD

  2. Its been a while since I last visit your blog, o hai :)