Saturday, July 28, 2012

Food attack

2 days ago,my boyfie Ben and I went to hunt for food in Malay food bazaar somewhere in Metro Prima,Kepong. I have been wanting to try the food,they look so yummy and tempting!

Within 30 minutes,we bought these.

I mean these.

Hahaha,are you feeling hungry now? XD
The bazaar street is quite long.
Although it was quite early still,but a lot of people were already there buying food.

We bought --
roti John, nasi ayam, murtabak, pisang goreng, bandung cincau *the weird pink drink* and kuih-muih.

We couldn't finish all of them one shot because we were too full after having roti John, nasi ayam, pisang goreng and murtabak!

Teehee,me love this pic so much. We were so happy seeing those stalls on the street,just like small kids! Well we are still kids btw hahaha. Would like to have roti John and the ayam again next time. Shall attack another bazaar next time!




  1. lol im hungry ad laaaa! lol btw i think the amount u bought = me alone.. =p

  2. Wah, both of you sure can eat a lot! HAHHA :P I've yet to go to any bazaar this year ~