Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I'm back

Hey,I am back,finally :) it's been almost 2 months since I update my blog. Yep,I am now having my sem break,I can finally do some changes onto my blog *weeee* :D

So everything went well on my assignments and assessment,thank God for that. I did not sleep the day before assessment because I was rushing out my final work and some final touches. That was my first time experiencing sleepless night. I don't wanna do it anymore,hopefully I will not have the need to do so in the future. Let's not talk about my studies,so...something about my holiday? :)

I did what every girls do best -- shopping. I shopped till I dropped so I have decided not to shop unless my mum's with me,smart right? Or 'smart'? :P Besides shopping,my friends and I went to Penang for a 3 days 2 nights trip. It was my third time visiting Penang. What I miss the most is of course -- FOOD. I had been craving for Penang laksa all this while and finally!

Pictures shall do the talk.

The 4 lame queens up up to Penang.
From left : Brandy lame, me lame, Wen Ting lame and Kalye lame.

We had this late lunch on Friday evening.
Why late lunch? 
Something happened to Ting's car and we were trapped in Ipoh for more than 2 hours.
We were so lucky because Ting's uncle is living nearby and he helped us out.
Btw,we have ordered noodles and some fish paste yong taufu.
They are really awesome! (Y)

We reached Penang around 9pm and we had wantan noodle and burger as late dinner.

Instead of sleeping at night,this is what we do.

On the next day,we went to town for breakfast.
We ordered 5 different kinds of noodles/dishes and we shared.
We had duck noodle, chau kuey teow, curry mee, meat lobak and lo mee.
I love chau kuey teow the most,it's damn awesome! XD
*PS.we are big eaters*

We headed to the snake temple after breakfast.
We were lost at the beginning,hahaha!
We were like 'omg finally!' when we found the temple sign,hahaha!

My darlings 

A normal one.

Just some beautiful and lovely lame-is here. HEHEHE.

Spot the two of us behind...HAHAHA.

We had lunch in this laksa stall nearby Kek Lok Si.
Tell you what,this is the best laksa I've ever had in my whole entire life :O

After lunch,we went to visit this 'Chee Hiang' biscuit shop to get some souvenirs home.

3 sampats.

The weather was so so hot so we had this!
C-E-N-D-O-L !
The aunty added very much cendol and red beans inside,thank you aunty!

On the way back to Ting's apartment,we dabao-ed this -- pisang goreng.
They are very nice and crispy!!!
Definitely awesome! *thumbs up*

After having our shower,we came straight from the apartment to this stall for this --

We ordered cheese egg apung.
I tell you,that was the best apung I have ever had!!!
The smell and the taste were just superb!

We went to botanical garden before dinner to chill for a while.
It's been a long time since I visit the garden.
Lame queens take 1!

Normal VS sampat.

Meet our beautiful legs and shoes :P

Our dinner -- chicken, 2 dishes of vege, bittergourd egg, satay, coconut, tomyam prawns and crab noodle.
Thanks to Ting's parents for the dinner.

Having this 'susu' after dinner.
This 'susu' is really creamy and soft,very nice.
My tummy was about to burst that night!
We've taken too much food!

We went to the beach on the next morning.
The beach is just right in front of the apartment!

A normal one :)

Ignore my constipated look,lol.


We had an advance mini birthday surprise for Ting when we came back from the beach.
All thanks to her lovely mum who prepared the cake for her.
She purposely bought a crepe cake from Malacca!

Blueberry vanilla crepe cake.
It tasted heavenly great!!!
So so good! 

It's her 19th birthday today.
Happy birthday girl,love you loads!
All the best in everything!

The 4 golden flowers XD

Out of sudden,we hugged. LOL?

20 layers of awesomeness.

We left Penang by ferry.
That was my first time experiencing this,and it was fun :P

Purple sea.

3 sapos.
The wind was wayyy toooo strong!

I'm Rapunzel! *dreaming*

Loving this photo to the max!
We looked so natural and I really love my hair! XD 

We are lame queens forever!
Young and wild! Sweet and lovely! Sexy and free! 
*cannot see Brandy's face lol*

We had lunch in this food-served-damn-fast restaurant.
All the dishes were served within a minute!
The restaurant serves not more than 15 dishes.
Each dish has its own station and the chef will keep on cooking that particular dish.
That's what makes it real fast,and also delicious! (Y)

Still eating when we were otw back.
The conclusion is -- we can really eat!!!

Sorry for the really long post.
It's just too much to express my love towards my sampat lovely friends.
Friendship forever!

That's all for now. Will blog more often,promise :)




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  2. So adventurous lah the four of you girls driving all the way up to Penang for the trip :D Welcome back btw!

    P/S: Love your header btw! So pretty :3

  3. finally u are back! oh wait! you came to penang?! didnt find me. TT

  4. aww! such a lovely trip! u girls must be enjoying so much! :)