Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stressful life

Hey peeps,how's life? My life has been very hectic and busy these days and I don't even have time and extra strength to blog. Sorry for abandoning you for so long my bloggie :'( 

There're many work and assignments to do. If you think that design courses are not as hard and busy as the others,no,it's not true. The work load is much more compare to the others,sobs :( But I will still fight till the end no matter what,hwaiting Steph! X3

To do list:
- loads of sewing ( applique, patch work, cording, beading, quilting etc. )
- textile project
- Malaysian studies project
- exams coming soon
- final projects coming soon

Conclusion :
I am dead.



  1. design is never an easy course seriously x( all the best!

  2. goodluck in ur exams

  3. lol! keep alive ya! all the best!