Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cherry Lover ♥

Done with BI paper today.
I think I might be choosing the wrong question for the 50 marks essay.
I should choose the second one,or the forth one.
Sign... :(
Well,just had a lil fight with an idiot who thinks that he is a genius and the king of this family.
Allow me to do so : 'FARK'!
I am sorry,I need to release myself,please forgive.
I believe that we will be alright.
Hah,brothers and sisters...Sister? You shut up,eyesore.
Okay,let's talk about something delighting and refreshing,my mind.
Err...We met. -^^-
Showed him my violin for the first time,hahah,don't know how to play then don't berlagak lah! Darling hubby! XD
The cherry were really nice,thanks for letting me try!

oh yea,I was being honest for telling the truth that I did not practice my violin just now.
I was suprised that she was not mad at me.
She even said that she is happy because I am being honest.
Hahah,wakaka! XD
Alright,that's all for now.
Good night guys,sweet dreams.

I will play violin for you until we are getting older and older and older,until we become goonggoong and popo♥

*Thumbs stamping*


P.S.OH MY!! Crystal lose to Lee! X'(

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