Thursday, May 13, 2010

☠ Alien ☠

I was the alien in my class today.
I thought there's PJ class today and I was the only special person who wore PJ shirt to school!
Gosh,I will have to ask properly the day before Thursday next time. >✖<
Homework list :
- Miss Tang's literature
- Mr.Fong's Bio
- Puan Haris's rumusan ( again ==' )
- Mr.Yap's extra paperwork ( still not done yet )

☮ I N E E D Y O U

Yea,that's all,I guess so.
Haven't started my revision yet.
I am going to be so DEAD! ☠
Szeyan's mum fetched me back just now.
Thanks aunty. :D
Well,nothing much to write about today,my day is just simple.
Oh,I tied 2 little pony tails to school today.^^
Wishing myself : darling,enjoy your violin class soon!
Alright,gotta start studying tonight,what about American Idol?
Oh boy,what should I do??

That's all for now,ciaoz❤


~ 你知道我知道 张起政 可晴 ~

Not bad.^^

P.S.Wall eye knee❤

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