Sunday, May 2, 2010

Makan Makan Makan

OMG,keep on eating these days until I don't dare to stand onto the weighing machine. >.<
Yesterday,Uncle David and family came to celebrate dad's coming very soon birthday.
Again,we did the same thing as usual,eat big big.
And again,we went to our 'old place',Mei Gai Yuen restaurant.
And again,shark fins.
But I wasn't having it cuz I wanted to prepared for our next round -- supper at Moe de cafe. XD
Gosh,have you eaten sharks? I said,shark's flesh and body?
Yea la,meat la.
They ordered for us and I did not touch the plate,not even a small tiny piece of it!
It's so cruel,they killed baby sharks and cooked them. :(
Let me tell you,there're 100 millions of sharks were being killed innocently for the goods and fins.
And yet they cooked baby sharks!
Dad says,if we don't play the role of predator,we will be the prey at last.
It sounds great huh?
Maybe that's true,it's a natural life cycle,to be eaten,or to eat.
I am sorry sharkies! X'O
After dinner,we went to Moe De Cafe for supper!
It was filled with people and we could hardly get a seat.
We were too full to eat anymore,so we ordered drinks only.
I finished reading a comic.^^
Erm...The waitress there were dressed in maid costumes. Not bad.
I would love to do a part time job there after SPM. XD
It's so near to my house and I can get to wear on those cute little dress.
Wooo,I want! XP
Oh yea,they threw us a suprise too.
We brought a cake there.
When we were 'conducting' our own business,suddenly the lights were turned off and birthday song were turned on.
A waitress came with the candles lighted on cake and everyone cheered for us,our table soon became everybody's attraction!
Paiseh la,but dad's more paiseh. XD
Yay,might be going to 1U later,I think we will all be going.^^
Dad's in a good mood and that's great.

Poor fingers caused by guitar!

Steph's production.

Earthwormie! XD


The cake!

Hahah,it's not my birthday. XD

Morning people. :)

Flower girl♥

Alright,that's all for now.
Gotta go,Yes,1U,I am coming!
Good morning and bye.♥


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