Sunday, May 9, 2010

♥Happy Mothers' Day♥

Woke up quite early this morning.
Wishing my beloved beatiful mummy HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!
Love ya always muackss♥
Had steamboat today with Uncle David and family as a celebration for mummy's mummy -- my grandma~
That was the second time we've been to the steamboat restaurant.
Forgot what's the name ad... XD
What we love the most of the restaurant is the HONEY FRIED CHICKEN!
It was daaammmmm nice and again,I ate A LOT!
I keep on adding and adding but at last,all of them will sapu by us until nothing left!
Besides,I love the ice-cream's' too!
There're 6 types of ice-cream included -- honeydew,chocolate,peach,mint,vanilla and durian.
I was very sad bcuz I did not ate chocolate and durian flavour ice-cream!
Stupid tauke,why last minute only berat hati to send your chocolate and durian ice-cream into the fridge?
Did you know that there are people who love eating them?
Why ah,you only served them on when it's our time to leave?
I love chocolate ice-cream!!♥
But bcuz of you,I D I D N O T T O U C H A N Y O F T H E M .
Are you happy now? You can save your ice-cream leh!
Of course you are happy la!
HMPH,I will sapu your chocolate ice-cream until the tupperware kosong next time,I tell you!
okay,as usual,I keep on eating until I get a BIG round tummy.
Feel so uncomfortable during add maths class cuz I was too full.
Haiz...It's so sad that the dinner tonight is cancelled.
Everyone is still full so...
I am sorry vege vege,I will eat you guys next time de,I promise. :(
Hmmm...what to eat tonight leh?
Eh eh,no dinner tonight,remember?
Hahah,I am in a hyper mood!
Lalalalalalalalalala lolilolilolilolilolilooooooooooooo~ LI!
Took some pics again today,let's take a look. *twing~*

My out fit.

Saw a BIG grasshopper this morning.


Wow,busy hands,makan-makan.

Pretty round ham.

Peach + mint ice-cream = nice♥

Spoon patah! Hahah,too semangat ad! XD

Okay,that's all for now.
Had a great time today.
Oh yea,his first day of college tomorrow.
Wishing him all the best and enjoy your brand new life!
Don't gap people ah. >:(
Hahah! Okie,tata people~


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