Saturday, May 29, 2010

Can I get my smile back? :'(

Went to school this morning for some stuffs,secret.
Attended art class earlier at 11,managed to finish my piece of work within one and a half hour as we were doing sketching today.
Aunt Lilian came again,she bought us duck,not my favorite.
Well,looks like I have wasted plenty of my time on something unnecessary these 2 days.
I have only finish 4 chapters of Sejarah but 15 chapters will be asked.
Oh sheath,I am gonna be so dead.
Where is my smile? Where have you been?
You were still fine this morning,what happened?
Okay,I will be spending my night alone.
I do hate lonely nights,especially weekends?
Hah,'luckily' I have books to be my accompanyment.
Went visiting parent's new friend from Iran.
She is Mona and her 5 year old daughter is Arma.
They both have beautifu names,and eyes too.
Played with her daughter a lot,we were writing numbers and alphabets,capturing pics and playing in her playroom.
Anyway,they could not speak in English very well so we were like...
'Cake cake'.
I know what to give as little presents for her on the next visit.

This is little Arma who swims every night.

Meet Mona.

Arma did it. Bravo darling.

Guess that's all for now.
Kinda addicted of playing Canon in D these days,have to keep on practising until I am skillful enough,but it's hard.
Alright,bye people,ciaoz.


Oh,it's raining. :(

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