Saturday, May 22, 2010

Modelling?? NO!

Slept at 2 last night,huhu~
Enjoy the time chatting with him. ^^❤
Went to Starplus this morning,enjoyed playing badminton with my fellow friends.
My arms are tired especially my right one,I was too energetic I guess.
Rainy morning,I was suprised that I do actually love it. Heh. :P
He's at Starplus too,with his gang.
And he fetched me to Space art.
Thank you my personal driver! As in F.O.C.! XD
I finished paiting my paint after 2 and a half hour.
Oh man. :X
My right arm wasn't energetic enough to hold the pen tightly.
It shakes! Anyway,I was kinda satisfy with my piece of art,I do♥
Mr.Chin said that I'm good in painting trees and water. I was like,stoned.
I was about to walk home when I was done.
Luckily the kind hearted 'principal' saw me and he sent me home.
Walking under the hot sun alone? NO! WAY!
Lunch >> Aunty Lilian's dabao duno what rice dongdong. ( not bad )
Slept for more than an hour on the sofa just now,after lunch.
:I << chubby face ( oh no! ☠ )
Met Aunty Lilian,long time no see,Aunty Lilian!
We talked about the hittest topic like what teens and adults usually do.


It's still a strange word to me,bcuz it is unpredictable.
When she first saw me,she was like 'Oh God,your daughter can become a model.'
HUH??! My head became BIG BIG.
'Eh,really,she can go for beauty pegean too! Aiyoyo,so beautiful!' =.="
I said 'NO!'
Modelling? Ehem,sorry,not my stuff. My stuff = fashion. :)
When I shared about my dreams that I would like to have my own business and brand,she was like 'Oh God,this girl has got potential and she is going to success in her life.'
And again,I was like 'HUH??'. O.O
And and! She called my maid 'Sisik'! XD
Cicih = my maid.
My maid = Sisik.
Sisik = fish scales.
Fish scales = my maid.
Hahah! So funny! XP
My hair's wet,just had my piggie bath.
Alright,that's all for now.


P.S.I am going to finish studying Chemistry by today! Hwaiting!❤

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