Sunday, May 16, 2010

BIG fishie fishie♥

Wakaka,went to Rawang for BIG fish meal this morning.
Why morning? Because there'll be lotza people after 12 noon!
We arrived 'Lan Je Africca Fish restaurant' ( I forgot what's the name of the restaurant ad :P ) at 11.15am.
Please pronounce 'Lan Je' in Chinese,it will become 'Lan Jie'.
Hmm...Maybe the cook or the restaurant owner is called 'Lan Jie' so she named it 'Lan Je duno what restaurant',HAHAH. :D
Each of us had ONE fish so 5 of us had FIVE fishies.
I admit that I do HATE living fishes but I just ♥ eating fish!
OMG,the fish was dam nice and tasty and sweet and slurp slurp 'slippery'.
We had tauhu and vege as our side dishes too.
The fish,I tell you,it is dammmmm nice until I couldn't forget the taste until now.
Africca fish! XD
Each fish costed 13 or 16 bucks,if I am not mistaken,it should be 13.
After lunch,we went to view semi-Dees which are currently under construction.
They are pretty and huge but inconvenient.
Pics were taken thesa days.

Lovely little bear♥

My 'B'♥

Look,my darlings!

Monster face card.

Miss them lotz♥


Had a mask this morning!


Wahaha,FISH MEAL~~~ :D


Tasty vege yumyum.

Tasty bean curd yumyum.

Wanna eat?

Sapu habis.

Nahh! Ahh~ I feed you~

Taken in the car.


Kinda hungry now.
Alright,that goes my day today.
Did not touch any books today,CHAM. :S
Gotta go.
Good night sleep tight.

I miss you.


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