Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Half Ponteng

Currently biting a hot dog + chilli + bread in front of the pc.
Came back home earlier from school today.
How good if I am going back home earlier every Wednesday which is the busiest day of mine in a week.
Then I will have chance to take more rest and no need to rush back home everytime.
Had a mini experiment during bio periods.
We were observing stem and root cells of a dicotyledonous plant.
At first,we couldn't really see them,we could but they were small and tiny.
After adjusting the lens and microscope again,yes,we made it.
The cells were clearly seen and we saw root hairs!
Red little bulu-bulu. :D
Entered Bio store for the first time,I mean STORE,the big one inside.
It was spooky and creepy!
The racks were arranged with apparatus and the whole store's quiet.
Silent but...NO peace at all!
Besides,there's a bone man 'standing' beside the rack and I was like...
'Oh God,you better stay still,don't move...' >✖<
Ewww,I was placing the microscope back into the rack.
Luckily PohTing was there,luckily she accpompanied me.
Thanks Pohpoh! X)


Yea,maybe that's not so important.
But at first,it was you who asked me to.

Alright,that's all for now.
My darling hair,dry faster bah,I need to take a short nap before tuition.
Enjoy sleeping dear,good night~❥


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