Friday, May 28, 2010

Teehee,it's Wesak Day! ♥

Happy Wesak Day~♥ Must eat vege today owh!
Hmph,I thought that I would be able to sleep longer but I can't.
Sob. :'(
After breakfast,I followed papa and mama to '祗园' to pray pray.
Looks like today will be another boring day of mine,again.


Wanted to watch a movie with family but everybody seems to be moodless.


Pity me.
Nevermind,I won't die for being boring,I will just eating and eating non-stop and that's all.
Study? Lazy.
Sleep? Pc first.
Life is complicated huh?
We have too many choices in our life until we might chose the wrong one and neglected the right one.
Okay look.

'Owh~ I wanna become a good kid for today,I am going to study for exam.'
'Butthe...What about pc?'
'Well,I am tired and not in the mood of study.'
'Oh alright,then I should take a rest first.'
'Pc time.'

Choices are like yoga movements,they are just so complicated and...painful!
If you chose the wrong one,OUCH,say bye to the flowing time.
Sorry darling books,I will check it up with you guys sooner or later.

Wow,I am hungry again.
Looks like breakfastX2 doesn't satisfy my appetite.

I guess that's all for now.
Time for food hunting.


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