Monday, April 12, 2010

Mosquitoes War !!

It was the most terrible mosquito war I have ever seen,EVER.
There're 5 or 6 of them flying around and some of them doesn't even look like a mosquito.
Vege bit one which doesn't look like a mosquito. =.=
All my fellow friends -- vege,Yanting,Ziying,Cat,Xinyan,Meri,Karyee,everyone,who sits beside the window were fighting for life against mosquitoes.
They were crazy avoiding and killing but I was crazy laughing. XD
I felt very funny bcuz the mosquitoes didn't attack me!
Not even once! XD
It's actually a common one for us,I mean the mosquitoes thingy.
But they did not really came to kiss me,they prefer kissing vege.
Poor vege! XI
All my friends kena but not me.
I am so lucky. Ahaha! XP
Can't wait for the arrival of the next day,TUESDAY!
Err...The art class today was kinda boring.
I don't understand what Puan Goh was talking about,not at all.
Aiks,my project matilah. :S
Attended my first Add maths class at Cekap yesterday.
I found it blur as the teacher had already entered Chapter 5 until half way.
Gosh,my head was spinning cuz I don't understand what he had taught.
He gave us a lot of homework too!
Cham cham cham...T.T
There's a liltle pameran thingy in school today.
Not much about fashion design. :(
I want Raffles!
Okay,nothing much to post.
Gotta meet Uncle Larry later,hahah,miss him lotz!
Ciaoz people.
I wonder why am I feeling so sleepy these days...



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