Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lovely Morning

Slept at 11++ and woke up at 8 this morning.
When I opened my eyes,the sunlight's penetrating into my room and through my purple curtain.
I always love it,it is a beautiful scene right in my room.
No breakfast for me I guess.
Mum's buying,perhaps.
I am hungry,I do HATE hunger.
Btw,my tummy is pain for no reason!
Art class at 12,changed my time from 2 to 12.
OUCHHHHH,tummy's a big bully!
Hmm...I think he's now having his duty.
Looking forward for you to come back soon.^^
Today is a study day.
I hate you,Mr.Examination.
You are killing the students' brain cells and making them insane.
Look what have you done to me?
A very good example of it's.
My eyes,a pair of panda's.
My face,little pimples.
My mind,exam exam exam.
Hahah,very funny huh??
4 days to go,still.
April 9,c'mon baby,come to mama.

I just love my morning.

Hahah,love camwhoring these days.
It do help release tension! XD
Okay,gtg,ciaoz. :)


P.S. I need
- calm
- relax
- sanctuary
- zzz

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