Friday, April 23, 2010


Oh my God,why couldn't I sign in my Facebook?
Grrr...This is the very first time. =.=
Well,had a great time with Mr.Tham today.
What he taught today isn't much,but he talked more than usual about life and studies.
I quite enjoyed his class. :)
Orientation is finally over.
I gave 11 signatures today!
My God! I think more than half of them had got my signature.
They even chased me,how could I possibly hide myself from them?
Hahah,Carmen,as usual,is still so passionate.
We 'byebye' all the juniors together,waving hands.
She might be scaring some of the juniors cuz she bit those who did not reply her action.
Hahah,poor didi! XD
Yay,tomorrow's the day,5A outing!
We will be going to have our lunch together at Power Center,Itallianies.
A movie after lunch as our desert.
I would love to watch 'When In Rome'.
It's a comedy also a romance movie.
Skipping school tomorrow for my art class.
Besides,I am quite...lazy. XP
Yaiks,going to Chemistry tuition later.
I must gambadeh le,Pig Pig,gambadeh oh!

That's all for now.
Stupid Facebook,STUUUUUPIG!
Oink oink BLEK!!

Bye people wink ♪♥

xoxo earlier dear,you mist be tired for working for the whole day today.

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