Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I forgot what's the meaning of Y-INTERCEPT!
When My.Yap was emphasising the word 'y-intercept',I still couldn't get it.
Dam it,I am so stupid and dum.
When the bell rang,LK,Chiehyin and Shanhoe came and be my 'informations supplier'.
At last,I 'finished' my paper in front of Mr.Yap.
I was scared as I was writing the answers 'provided' by them down into the paper when he was collecting the others'.
I bet he saw it,but I know that he will not take actions.
I felt bad,I am shameful to see him for being a not-knowing-what's-y-intercept student of his. :(
Attended BM tuition class with sleepy panda eyes at 3.
My eyes were forced to be opened and stay focus.
It was suffering.
I am going to sleep early tonight,I wanna finish studying and memorising moral as fast as I could!
Finally,my 11-days-of-exam-schedule is going to be SHOEWW! away from my mind.
My freedom,my bed,my night,my world.^^
Can't wait to finish the very last paper tomorrow,can't wait to see him! X)
Celebration for the ending of the environmental unfriendly a.k.a. hell exam.
Gosh,I am hungry.
Gotta go,all the best to all Malurians!
Go go go for the LAST PAPER! XD

Oppsie! MALURIANS* :)


kinda addicted to the song i got you by leona lewis

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