Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love sweating when I feel like sweating

Woke up at 6.45am this morning with my sleepy eyes. =.=
As what I had mentioned yesterday,my parents and I went to Menjalara park for a jog and exercises.
Enjoy sweating until my whole body was wet,wet,and wet.
I want a fit and healthy body!
It has been a long time I hadn't went for a jog,I wonder if my leg muscles will pain tomorrow.
My right arm is pain bcuz I went for badminton yesterday.
Hahah,too exited until my muscle pain. XD
I am sleepy.
Forced myself to complete Miss Tang's 2 essays last night.
Started at 10.15pm and ended at 11.45pm.
Woohoo~~ I finished them in 1 and a half hour. :P
Hmm...I wonder how's the party last night.
He must be tired for sure,and had lotza fun.
Well,my new add maths class will be started later at 3pm.
I hate it,but I have no choice.
Haven't started to do Puan Tehn's homework,lazy.
She is a nice and responsible teacher,we all love her.
But she gives us a lot of homework!
Argh,I love it when she says 'only'. =.=
Schooling tomorrow,yaiks.
Have to stay back until 3 for art class. :(
Hahah! Mummy's now at the market.
She didn't bring enough money and wants my kakak to send money for her now. XD
Okie,it's time to go.
Hopefully I am not getting body ache tomorrow.
Ciaoz people.



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