Friday, April 2, 2010


Well,finally,I can get a good night sleep today.
Tonight will be a lonely night of mine.
Sleep alone,without his accompany by phone.
It will be a weird night without him.
Today was History paper.
I thought I did my paper 2 question 9 well.
I know the answers exactly for 9(b).
It asked for social but I wrote politic!
Feels like slapping someone right now.
My 6 marks are gone but actually they're just in my hands!
I 'shoe' them away! X'O Stupid me...
Paper 1 was...I keep on shooting with a shotgun.
I wish I could have a laser gun or a submachine gun. .>o<.
Taken lunch with him at McD again just now. :P
Erm...Dear,thanks for sacrificing for me.
I didn't know that you are having a duty rehearsal this evening.
I am sorry for making you going there alone because of me.
I feel bad. :(
But I am happy to have you,Ben.
A night without you is hard and tough.
No missing texts. No kiss good nights.
I will be missing you. :)
Enjoy your duty with your friends tomorrow.
Be safe and sleep well,don't get cold.
Make sure that your tummy is filled with something tomorrow before duty.
My skinny laogoong.^^
I miss you already...!
And...Thanks for accompanying me during the exam nights and the emo study moments.
Thanks for your toleration and patient.
Thanks for your love.
Benjamin,you make me smile. :)
Spilled his coke onto the floor when I was waiting for kakak to open the gate.
He saw it! XO
Haiyo,I am pig enough liao la...Then my Sprite spilled summore!
Hmph,must ask you whether you were laughing at me or not when you get back.
Was kinda bored so...

Well,I kinda love the last one. :)
Okie,time to go.


ⓘ❤ⓜⓨ Ⓑⓞⓨ!

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