Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Keke,I have just studied 2 experiments. :P
I was dam lazy and tired which made me feel like throwing the books onto the floor and stampede them.
Anyway,I am VERY glad that exam's gonna end soon.
2 more days to go~!! Hee Haa!
The Physics paper today were SUCK.
Paper 2? Hard for me.
Paper 1? I know the equations,but I couldn't find the answers.
Finally,my shotgun has shown itself up.
Bang Bang Bang!!
Tembak the calculations questions.
My lunch were wasabi peas and 1/10 tin of coke.
Hahah,very 'satisfying'.
That's why my pig tummy is making so much noise right now.
'Hey! Where's my food??!'
Can't wait for the arrival of Thursday.
After Thursday,my temporary freedom will come back to me. :)
Nobody can be free,nobody.
Every human beings are bonded by a very special bond.
What is so special with that 'bond'??
Hmm...I shall pronounce it as the 'life bond'.
Well,when one is still a baby,the parents will be taking care of'em until they grow up.
When a person has 'upgraded' to become a pupil or a student,homework and exams will be following you non-stop.
Tadika,primary school,secondary,tertiary,quarternary,hah! XD
Besides,tuition classes,small tests,love stories will join'em at the same time.
'Exams' will not end after you graduate in high schools with high educations.
Interviews,trials,general knowledge tests will be the next part of your working life.
Besides,pressure,insurances,cars,houses,marriage,children,there're countless 'tests' that we will have to be facing in the future.
When you are old enough or rich enough to stop working and enjoy the rest of your life,health problem will knock your door.
Hahah,they are just a brief conclusion,it's just a very little tiny tiny miny part of so called 'life'.
Complete freedom?
Not the bond of life.
Why am I talking about this topic?? O.O
Alright,let's end here.
Dinner,here I come. :)

LUCKS folks.


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