Wednesday, April 21, 2010

♥ Mama Hearts ♥

Today is another BIG day of mine.
Today is my dearest mum's big birthday! X)
Happy Birthday mummy.
I am sorry cuz I did not prepare anything for you.
No present,but a kiss on your cheeks will be given.^^
My eyes are kinda tired today.
Puan Haris had added on an old secondhand aircond.
It is cooler than usual and that mede me feel sleepy.
Hahah,hot tak boleh,cold also tak boleh. XD
'Great',having Sejarah tuition at Cekap later.
Mr.Ruben's class is very noisy especially the Indians.
Guys,please zip your mouth when he's teachiing.
Let him end his teaching fast,I wanna celebrate momma's big day today.
Tia dio bo??!
Had McD as lunch with him at BSD after school.
We ate Fillet-o-fish,calories! XO
He's going to work for the next 4 days starting from tomorrow.
Awww...Please do take care and drink more water.
Take care of your belongings too,and miss me must. :P
Yay,will be having supper with Aunty and Uncle Winnie and their family at night as a mini celebration for mummy.
Heheh,sure get fat fat. >w<

Wishing my dearest mum a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Stay beautiful and smile always.

That's all for now.
Gonna take my dinner soon.
Ciaoz people.
Ciaoz tata adios


Enjoy your first day of work tomorrow darling♥

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