Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Brithday Mr.B!! ♥

Morning folks.
I am well-dressed and is currently waiting for the arrival of 9.40am. :)
Heheh,guess what?
I prepared something for'im of course~~
I baked something for him,it was my very first time!
Again,the eggs were being 'crashed' by me and some tiny pieces of egg shells fell into the clumpy.
Hahah,nevermind,egg shells can be eaten. XD
Hmm...I think we will be watching 'Date Night'.
It's a comedy,heard people's comments saying that it's a not bad one.
Will be explaining more details tomorrow.
Wishing my darling A.K.A. Benjamin Soong a very happy birthday.^^
Just wanna tell you that,
I wanna be with you,because



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