Friday, April 16, 2010

Shhh~ Secret !!

Tomorrow's my darling's BIG BIG day??!
Eeyup,he's turning 18,he's going to face another BIG world outside the society.
18 is a BIG year,many things will happen and change at the age of 18.
He had finished his secondary school life.
He had left our beloved SMKTBM.
He's going to study in college.
He's going to make new friends.
He's going to face a totally different world.
I am only get to turn 17 this year,hah!
I am a December baby! X)
Julie Ann is sucking her bottle and smiled at me.
She is a little monster,naughty fat litle princess. XD
Err,I am currently using Kalye's laptop typing this so called an 'article'.
ARGH...It reminds me of Miss Tang's homework.
I forgot to copy the questions down,yaiks.
Did not post anything onto my blog yesterday because of some connecion problem.
It says 'Your Norton bla Security System has expired'.
What's that?? Who knows.
Yay~ one day trip to 1U tomorrow,hah!
Okie dokie,nothing much to post today.
Time to go then,see ya people.
And may enjoy your weekend. :)

Peace Love Smile



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