Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snap-Snap Photoshooooot !!

Well,I guess 5A's the first class which took class photoshoot.
Besides class pic,I was also involved in Chinese and History club too.
Teehee,I am now eating junk food -- double decker chicken cracker.
It's my favorite junk food beside potato chips! XD
Double choc ice-cream and chicken cracker have been my lunch today,sad. :(
I wanna eat rojak,rojak rojak rojak~
Ice kacang also nevermind,hahah! XP
The weather is very hot,I guess the sun is too energetic.
My throat starts to feel a lil bit pain again.
I ate KFC on Sunday night,the day which my fever came back to me.
I ate it as my throat was feeling much much more better.
But now,yaiks... >.<
Feels like drinking apple juice...AH! Fridge! X3
5A had 4 periods of Chemistry today.
Miss Tang's relief,so Mr.Tham took over her double periods plus his double periods = double square periods!
Anyway,I just attended 5/8 of his class as I was involved in some photoshoots.
Curi tulang for a while after that. XD
Gosh,am I going to finish the whole packet of junk food or leave some for them?
I had already finish eating 3/4! Mama! XO
Wanna watch 'Toy story 2','The last song' and 'Mother and child'.
I've seen the trailers,they're awsome.
Yee yup,I am considerate enough,I decided to share goods with my family members.
My snacks,my double decker,please serve my brothers.
Homework,loads of homework are waiting for me.
Sejarah tuition's Physics and Bio maths add maths bio essays.
Great God,I am dying.
Need to go for a jog urgently,I am becoming like a pig.
Okie,that's all for now.
Gotcha tomorrow.
Ciaoz tata adios cheese~♥♥



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