Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday was fun.
We first took our lunch at Italiannies.
I ordered Risotto with asparagus and chicken.
Hmm...It wasn't bad at first,but eventually I get bored of the taste when I continue eating.
Some of them thought I was eating porridge. =.=
It's rice! But the sticky one!
Besides,my side dish was clamp soup.
Eeeew,I don't eat clamp,but I oedered clamp.
At last,the soup was untouched.
My lunch costed 27.90 not included tax.
Everything went wrong when it was the time for payment.
We took lotza loztaa lotzaaa pics.
And class pics too.^^
After that,vege,cat,yan,caca,bee,ting and me went for a movie -- 'Ice kacang puppy love'.
Hmm...I still couldn't really get the theme.
But I could remember the funniest part of the movie.
It was when the fatty sister crossed the road clumsily after being rejected by someone she loved and almost get hit by an Indian motorcyclist.
'You tak tengok jalan ke?!'
'Saya sangat besar you pun tak nampak!'
Hahah,forgot what they said ad. >.<
Bee's relative came and fetched us back.
Reached home at 8.50pm,I was beat.
By the way,I am sick.
Was having a fever yesterday which had been one of the reasons I wasn't going to school.
Luckily I felt better during the outing,thanks for the medicine,although I hate them.
Anyway,my flu is getting worse. :'(
Well,there're some pics here.
Take a Bloo-look!

My medicine! XI

Well.there're many pics uploaded in Facebook,these are just a small part of it.
Nose,stop it. =.=
All right,guess that's all for now.
There're a big bunch of homework waiting for me.
I enjoyed the class outing very much although the food isn't that satisfying.
When is our next class trip? Hahah! XD
Okay,bye guys.
Peace love smile.

P.S.enjoy your last day of work darling.^^
I wanna get well soon! >o<


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