Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hmm...Nothing much to post today.
School was fine.
Today and tomorrow of mine will be neutral I guess.
Gave many signatures today,ALOT.
There's a junior,a she.
She was way too passionate.
I mean,every junior are 'passionate' but she is an extraordinary one.
I was rushing to the toitoi during recess.
( I was the first one who entered toitoi! XD )
Mnay 'predators' were waiting for us outside our class.
Well,I rushed out of my class cuz I needed toitoi urgently.
I ran,and they chased me!
More than 10 of them stopped me,alamak,then I told them that I need to excuse myself to the toilet.
I took my book and bread along and wanted to place them onto the bomba pipe thingy.
She,the girl with passion 'took' my book and said 'Jiejie,I help you to take lah!'
I said 'No,it's alright.'
But she insists and grabbed my book away from me.
I was using the first toitoi and I can hear what they said outside.
A BIG bunch of them were waiting for me outside the girls' toilet like a wall!
I heard someone said 'Eh eh,her English name is Stephanie...' and blah.
Well well,looks like they know me very well!
Oh yea.
Wihong A.K.A. bakzham fetched Emily and me back home just now.
We were walking back home and suddenly someone horned us.
When we turned our head,I thought it was Kalye's dad who's driving Waja. XD
Hahah,that's all for now.
Stomach is kinda uncomfortable currently for taking a heavy lunch just now.
Kay,sayurnara folks.

Ciaoz tata adios twing~★


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