Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Freakin Hot!

My fingers are smelling like fish now cuz I had just finish eating a fish.
My dinner was vegetarian Bak kut teh! XD
Dam nice dam nice,can fight with not vegetarian Bak kut teh. :D
Took PBSM pic today,I looked so fat whenever I am in the uniform. :s
Guess what?
My first,the top button of my uniform dropped suddenly when I was entering the car this morning before I go to school!
Oh my God,I was wondering why I feel kinda cool and loose at that moment.
When I looked down,ARGH,my button was spoiled! Xs
Luckily it happened before I reach school,hahah. >.<
Look at the sun,freking hot sun.
I do love sunny day,but not TOOOOO sunny.
Going for Sejarah tuition at Cekap soon,haiz. :(
Oh yea people,5A - 5F will be having a talk after recess tomorrow until school ends.
We will have,but I am not very sure whether we are going to stay for 2 hours or 2 periods only.
So please bring along the books which are needed for the last 2 periods,just in case. ^^
Alrigh,that's all for now.
Sunny sun,stop being so sunny,can you? :)
Bye people,ciaoz tata adios love.


Blek. :P

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