Sunday, April 4, 2010


Woke up at 9 in the morning.
Went to the market,Carefour and grandpa's house with papa and mama after that.
Just came back and had my bath. >.<
It's 3:45pm now...
I haven't finish my Chemistry yet...CHAM.
I 'read' all of them ad,accept Chapter 8 - salts and Chapter 1 - rate of reaction. Yes,read.
I have no idea whether I do really understand and remember them,I just read through them.
Chemistry is one of my weakest subject cuz I don't know how to calculate the calculation questions. Not at all.
My piggy brain is not meant to do calculations?
Hahah,YES! XD
Addicted to a song - Imagine by Glee.
A nice song I would love to recommand,well,it's the very first song in StephFM. :)
Freaking hot weather,no sweating please.
Hmm...Are 2 mini lil cuppy cakes,2 sweet potato bread,my dad's leftover chee cheong fun,apple yogurt,papaya and pineapple for my breakfast and lunch consider as a heavy one?
Hahah,blek. :P
They have prepared spaghetti as a 'late' lunch but I have brushed my teeth. >.<
Well,dinner then.
Alright,wish all my fellow friends luck for the Chemistry paper tomorrow.
All the best. :D


mum's nagging,can't i touch the pc when im having exam??!

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