Saturday, April 17, 2010

1,2,3,Make a wish

Hmm...My plan was quite successful.
Thanks for Kalye,Pearly jiejie and her mum,they helped me alot! X)
He fetched me at 10am and we went to 1U.
I gave him the 'suprise' in the car,a own baked cake.
Sang happy birthday song and blew the candle together,I am glad that he looked so happy. :)
Watched 'Date Night',quite funny.
After that,we went to Ikano Power Center for lunch.
I treated him this time,I owed him too much. XD
We shared a pizza,cheesy duno what spaghetti and a cup of banana orange health drink.
McD ice-cream for dessert.^^
Were hanging around in the big mall,reading books of puppies and dogs together in Borders,and took a look around the streets.
Although we made it simple,but we enjoyed the moments when we eat,we talk,we walk,holding hands,stepping on his feet,and when we were there for each other.
He made a wish and I am not allowed to know.
Anyway,may his dreams come true and may luck be by his side at every moment.
I will bring happiness to him,I promise.^^
Err...Although I am quite clumsy,eat a lot,very lazy,and very forgetful,but I will not forget you,my darling.
Wishing you again a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and 3 simple words,


I love you and I mean it. :)
Hopefully you will love the cake I baked and I am very happy today.
My dear,I miss you already.^^

Tadah~ my first cake!

Happy birthday to you~

Heheh,feel kinda sleepy now.
Better finish Miss Tang's essay asap and maybe do a little bit of art work when it's done.
Oh,yay,going for a jog again tomorrow morning at 7am.
Will be going to carefour at 8am.
Art class at 10am.
Add Maths class at 3pm.
Alright,that's all for now.
Take care and sleep early folks.



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