Monday, April 5, 2010


Well,there're many unexpected things which would happened in our lifes.
Mine,it happened today. :(
Many things had happened to me in school today.
First,my tummy was very pain when I reached school.
The pain had lasted for more than an hour. >.<
Then...When I was taking Chemistry paper 2...
Skip skip skip.
Luckily a kind teacher gave me a hand.
Thanks teacher! X)
Next,when I was taking paper 1,I wasn't having enough time to finish it!
I thought there're only 40 questions so I spent a lot of time on the questions which I can't solve.
When I was doing the so called 'last' part of the questions,I realised that there're more than 10 more waiting for me!
My heart was sinking down into the toilet bowl,bein flushed into the sea.
That was the only word which can describe my feeling.
Then...I had to stay back in school. >.<
Luckily he came and fetched me. :)
I had spent almost 2 hours to study Chapter 3,pressure.
I am PRESSURIZED for God's sake.
Alrigt,it's time to go.
I don't think I can sleep without burning the midnight oil tonight.
Ciaoz friends.
All the best and luck!



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