Saturday, March 13, 2010

Under My Umbrella

Hmm...Okay,I have to sleep alone for a month without my grnadma cuz...
My little aunt had just gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.^^
Congratz congratz~~ XD
So my grandma went there to help them with baby's stuffs and take care of my aunt.
I wanted to have my own room long time ago,but I will still be missing you popo. :)
Yay,went to Tesco then The Curve in this morning.
Managed to get a parking fast when we reached Tesco.
The titbits there are really cheap.
Without any hestitation,hahah!
We bought a lot! X3
After that,we went to The Curve >> my favorite free market.
Wanted to get myself a new umbrella cuz I had lost my old one. >.<
I miss you,my old umbrella! XO
Guess what,I spotted one,quite nice.
However,there're no peepoo who were looking of the stall so we decided to get my face wash first rather than wasting our time waiting for the peepoo there.
Luckily I did not buy that umbrella.
Skin Food is now having a promotion.
- you will get a free umbrella if you spend more than 50 bucks XD
- a free thermoflask if you spend more than 120
- a free mirror bu spending more than 180
We spent 120++ so we had choices,either flask or umbrella.
Of course I chose umbrella! X3
It's nice and it's pink and it's hot. :)
Luckily I did not wait for that person in the umbrella stall. :D
Happy~ -^^-
Going to watch 'Alice in Wonderland' tomorrow at Sunway Pyramid with my cousins.
Hopefully the monsters and the big fat cat will not scare me. :O
I am hungry lah...
Mum's cooking fried bihun and fried chicken tonight!
Can't wait! X)
Okay,that's all for today.
Gotta go,buh buoi~~
Happy holidays! XD


Hungry little pig :D



This is so true.^^

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