Thursday, March 25, 2010

Super Exhausted

Well,I looked into the mirror just now and saw a panda.
The panda is me!!! My poor eyes,I will get onto my darling bed tonight de!
Yaiks,have to sacrifice myself not to watch American Idol ad...
Okay,we had Maths paper today.
I screwed it up,I mean paper 2.
First,I had no idea what the stupig is 'inequalities' cuz I did not really focused on form 3's work!
Next,shit,I forgot how to do Probability ad,my 5 marks gone...T_______T
Next next,I don't know how to determine the angle between xxx and Straight line,not really sure,all tembak cuz I didn't pay attention in the class...>.<
I am so regret!
I will stay focus everytime teachers teach de!!! XS
I am beat,tired,exhausted and sleepy.
My eyes were closing when I was doing the maths paper. =.=
Wanted to ponteng tomorrow but because of Puan Vasantha,I am going.
Okay,let's forget about them,it's time for me to relax. :)
Guess what,I cooked just now!
I cooked sausages myself for the first time without anybody's help!
I felt great and proud of myself,I successed! XD
You know what,I was very very very scared of the oil and the fire.
I scared that the stove will suddenly BOOM! then you will not see me again.
CHOI!!! Dai Gat Lai Si!
Wanted to wear gloves but we don't have any. :'(
I 'operated' their flesh and poured oil onto the pan.
I just couldn't turn on the gas,I had to try many times in order to turn it on.
Stupid stove.
Then,when I put those sausages onto the pan,the oil 'JUMPED'!
Luckily I am fast enough to safe myself. XD
I turned on the stove,turned off the stove,turned on thw stove,turned off the stove,turned on the stove,turned off the stive,turned on the stove,turned off the stove...
I was worried that my Mr.HotDogs will turned into black men lah! =.=
I turned their body slowly,'gently',and bubbles will formed inside their body and some of them got too big and POP!
Hahah! XD
But too bad,small accidents do occur especially for newbies like me.
2 sausages of mine hangus ad! XO
Luckily just some parts only,hahah. :P
Yes,I love to cook. X3
I wanna learn baking one day,I wanna make myself cakes,muffins,scones,tarts and bread.
Food food food~
I was dam high and keep on smiling and jumping in front of my maid and she said that I was insane.
ARGH,I am hungry again! >.<
The thunders were scary just now.
Luckily they gone off now. :)
Okay,that's all for now.
Before that,tadah~

I couldn't wink! X'O

Took this a day ago



Wanna take pics with the 2 windows also but phone suddenly out of battery! =='

MMM~~ yummy isn't it? ^^

Time is precious so please don't waste time,hahah! XD

Hangus ad...>O<

Tadah~~ Newbie's hotdoggies!!
They tasted good oh~~ ^^

Okay,that's all for now,my pig tummy cannot tahan ad.
Sleep early lo peepoo,buh buoi~

xoxo ~pEaCe~ xoxo

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