Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Okay,I am gonna finish this fast cuz it's raining heavily now.
I hate thunder!
Can you stop shouting over there??
Stop making me scared,I nedd you... >.<
I wonder whether the weather at Pulau Tioman is nice or not.
Hopefully it is nice there,then you guys can enjoy yourselves le.^^
AIKS!! Shew shew away you bad thunder!
I wanna play com de,don't disturb meyyy!!!
I warn you! :O
Okay,tomorrow is raptai day,however,they did not practise today,aiks,I think we should do a little.
Best wishes to all the PPS who is taking part in the marching competition.
Good luck and all the best!
Jiayou jiayou jiayou PPS!
Go go go with love~!!! XD
I think that my temper is getting worse,I just couldn't comtrol myself whenever I feel annoyed or in a bad mood.
I should think wisely before I shout.
I should.
It's dam hot although it's raining out there.
What is going on??
I hate sweating!
I know it;s good for our body but,I jts hate it.
It feels sticky and yuck! when my sweat makes my back wet.
Okay,that's all fo now.


i miss ya! >.<

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