Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ponteng VS Quarantine

Okay,I am now playing truant. :D
I decided not to go to school bcuz there're only a few classmates who are going only.
I am scared and worried of the 2 new H1N1 cases.
Will the school announce that school will be closed until the holiday ends?
I wonder...Our school is in danger! XO
Saw something in Facebook just now.
There's one video of PPS when they are paying 'Hormat' to the teachers and judges.
Of my,dam nice and neat.
Btw,I am having a stomachache again. :(
Why is my tummy so naughty??
Okay,my wantan mee is waiting for me.
See you guys.

Ouch,bad tummy,that hurts!



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