Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day Without Umbrella

My fellow friends,please don't ever look down towards umberlla.
Wihout it,I will not survive.
Bluffing~ XD
However,without an umbrella,I do suffer a lot. XO
Yaiks,I forgot where I placed my only umbrella so I did not bring an umbrell to school today.
After PBSM meeting which was ended at 2pm,I walked back home alone without an umbrella! X'O
Seeing Sum passed by me happily riding his bike,my heart broke. T_____T
Now only I realised that I do love my umbrella much.
Umbrella,I lapfu you!!!!!
Hmm...feel sleepy in schoo, especially Mr.Yap's period.
Maybe I used to sleep until 8am every morning and suddenly,6am!
Yeah yeah,maybe maybe. :)
Friday's sketch,looking forward for it.^^
Kakak's singing an advertisment's theme song,it's the coffee.
Ma lai si ya de kou wei
Bu jia le liang zhong hao ying yang
Can zai yi qi,can zai yi qi~
Hahah,she sang in Chinese! XD
SPM results will be coming out tomorrow.
All the best to te form5's and of course to h i m .
Please don't be nervous ( I know it's rediculous,I mean impossible ),have faith and be confident.
It doesn't matter if it is good or not so good.
The THING is you did do your very best to achieve what you want.
There's no regret left.
If there's,then try and change yourself in your coming college life.
There's always chances waiting for ya,so there's no such thing as the end of the world or...Hopeless?
No dear,I know you are an optimistic and positive one.
I trust you. :)
GOOD LUCK peepOO~!!!
See you guys tomorrow in school old friends.



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