Saturday, March 6, 2010

Technically + Romantically

Okay,we did it.
We did it in the RAIN.
It's raining in the morning when the marching competition starts!
Oh my,I was praying in my heart to make the rain stop.
Anyway,Yenping's right.
Perhaps nobody will faint in the rain if compared to stand under the hot sun.
Heehaa,no one fainted! XD
All right,PPSs' had done it technically,romantically beautiful in the RAIN.
Our hair and clothes were wet,plus I was wearing high heels and walked on a piece of wet grassy land?
Luckily I didn't fell down,if not jialat liao. XD
Many peepoo said that we did it very well,I was dam happy when I heard that. :D
Twing~ We did it perfectly! XD
Went to schoo, at 6.30am and had to change myself into an Indian as fast as I could.
Yenping and I couldn't search for teachers to help us in the Indian shawl thingy.
Luckily Puan Thillai who is very pro in it helped us out in last minute.
Thanks Ari! X3
Although PPS and PRS did not win the competition,but we did win something valuable and meaningful. :)
My dear came to school today,and we chatted.^^
Shit,guess what?
Mr.Tan -- Tan Beng Ho saw something when he was putting his arms on my shoulder and he was shaking his head and his finger. =.=
Walao,I haven't graduate yet!
Hmph,I will hold my Ben and pass by you on next year's Sukan! XO
PPS and PRS did something crazy today.
We've combined our teams and marched together! XD
After they revealed the results when we were sitting under the hot sun at noon ( dam hot! XO ),hey,my back lah,I was wearing Sari which my back will be exposed a lot!
I wonder what's the tone of my back skin now. :S
Nevermind. =o=
After that,PPS + PRS were marching together in the field. XD
And the 'papan takers' -- mey,Sharon,Kalye,Yenping and Zijuan + 2 PRSs' plus 2 flag holders were standing on front of the really BIG team and I ran! XD
It just feel so good,so happy,so fun,so exiting,so carefree.
Everybody's like clapping and shouting for us,for the loving team.
How long is the team?
16 rows long -- 48 peepoo.
Hahah,Emi and Kei were commanding happily,very high. XP
Then,we celebrated it with champaines in APD together.
Then -- McD! XD
Ordered Fish + ice-cream.
This is my first time seeing so many of Malurians being all together in McD.
O.O Big gang weh~
Again,took sot sot pics. XD
Emi's parents fetched 9 of us home.
When I arrived home,I 'fall' and reached my home. XD
My butt is not big lo,hahah. :D
Went to art class from 4 till 6,tired.
Okay,that's all for now.
Did enjoyed today,had fun on my last year's Sukan.
March 6 -- never forget day.
Have to go,bye my sayangs.

Hugs and kisses


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