Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tesco Fun Walk

Woke up quite early this morning for >> Tesco Fun Walk which was held at Dataran Merdeka.
We've got a free T-shirt ( err...have to pay 5 bucks actually ) and mey,Chai,Ting,Maypoh changed our shirts in a nice public toilet.
It's really nice and big enough,clean summore.
Thumbs up. :D
But have to pay 20 cents,'public' wor~ =.=
Before the walk starts,we took crazy sapo pics again then it comes the warm up exercises.
We did enjoyed it and we 'twisted' ourselves into shapes. XD
The walk started at 8am.
We met Puili,Sheeril,Sinyee,Szeyan,Rakesh and some school mates at the starting point :P
We have walked for an hour,whoa,it's a long walk.
We sweat keep on squeezing themselves out from my sweat glands. Ewww. :S
Had a red Tesco painting on my face.
Had threw balls to make peepoo fell into the water.
Had a goodies bag.
Not GOODies Atall!!! XO
The floor cleaner ( Forgot the name ad XD ),stupid you!
Made my legs and pants all wet!
The whole bus also smelled the cleaner which was dripped from the stupig plastic bag onto my tights and pants.
That fels like,EWWW! AWWW! XO >.<
Okie,just received a message which says that >>
There are another 2 H1N1 cases in our school! XO
They are 13 and 15.
I think every students have to stay at home ad. :S
Aiks,had a terrible stomachache yesterday MIDNIGHT.
I woke up from my sleep! XO
It pian until I woke up,geng bo?
I was wondering whether I should still go for Tesco Fun Walk this morning or not,I couldn't sleep. :(
Okay,that's all for now.
Have to spread the H1N1 news to ma friends ad.
Take care of your health and body,ANTI H1N1!!!
Buh buoi! XD


Muackss to ma darlin BEN

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