Monday, March 1, 2010


I have ruined it.
I have ruined it.
I have ruined it.
I don't know what I feel now,I just know that I am feeling bad towards Sharon.
I am sorry. :(
Haiz...I thought it will be goin well but...
I just couldn't stop myself to laugh...:(
I wonder why,are they -- Suren and the gang that funny?
T___T I just wanna do something before I left school...
I just wanna do something well and memorable...:(
I have ruined it!!!
Btw,I am confused with my feelings now.
I like Rach's singing.
She sang Replay by Ijaz beautifully.
Love it. :)
Haiz...don't think too much you little piggie.
It will only spoil your piggie brain.
Nevermind,it will be alright,just fine.
I know what to do to repay for it.
Heavy rain just now.
That was my first time 'soaking' in the rain water.
My whole body,WHOLE body included the front and the back were all WET!
Zero dryness.
Haiz...No mood to continue blogging ad.
Bye guys.


enjoy ur trip dear
be safe


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