Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Days

Me and my family went to PD,Lukut yesterday to visit some friends.
We went off at 10am and we reached our destination at 11am ++.
First,we visited Aunty Cheok and his husband.
Actually,this is my third time going to Lukut.
Her house,as usual,there's a mini vege farm beside her big house.
I was dam dam hungry cuz I did ate anything before going off.
Walao eh,after that,we went to eat Bak Kut Teh at 'Ah Sui' bak kut teh restaurant.
The Bak Kut Teh there okay okay only lah. :S
But I likee the dry one. NICE. XD
After eating,we went back to her house and gues what we did.
We went to 'plucked' vege like sawi and bla at her vege farm.
Her vege is so BIG. O.O
Then then,we went to another Mr.Cheok's house.
Hah! I saw that little boy again.
He grew up so fast until I could not recognised him.
He is 7,he was 5 when I first saw him,and he was a shy little boy.
But now,hahah,he came and kissed me twice! XD
He was so active,keep on jump here jump there non-stop.
Aunty Cheok also treated us Mango cheese cake from Secret Recipe,okay okay only la,I prefer Miss Tang's favorite.^^
Ouch,it reminds me that I haven't finish even one homework.
After plucking little chillis behind her house,we went to her brother's house.
What made me feel super duper happy was -- We were going to the coconut farm AGAIN! XD
I remembered that when I first went there,I was kinda scared cuz I was worried whether there're snakes or bugs or momo...
I was really like a sha po,haiya,don't care la,being a 'san ba po' also very happy ma. :D
I wore somebody's slipper and ran and ran and ran and spinned in the coconut farm.
Aiks,I wasn't really helping but keep on capturing pictures and kacau the others. XD
After 'playing' around,finally,we collected all of them and put them into our car car.
Walao eh,after we putting all of them in,the back of the car sengek ad,the tyres...
I am sorry. :(
Our car was heavy! >.<
We went to a mini mixed farm beside her bro's house after that and we picked chillis,limau limau,guavas,forgotten.
Then,we headed to Miss Tan's house.
I 'tan cha' with the adults,hahah.
We headed back to KL when it was 6 in the evening.
I ate my dinner -- wantan mee at KB's night market.
THEN,we again went to Aunty Winnie's house and I watched 'Avatar' for the first time.
All the adults did not understand the story,they keep on telling me that it is boring la,made them wanna sleep la,anything la. =.=
I understand,I DO!!! XO
Okay,went to take angpau again today,so happy.^^
And now,me family and I are at potato's house,
Had dinner together. :)
I wanna hear Yumi say HI! XO
GOING OUT tomorrow,hopefully it will be a SAFE and a NICE 'day-trip'.
That's all for now,better sleep erly tonight. :P
So...byebye peepoo.^^
Sweet dreams~



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