Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday

Performed as 'Miss Dragon' at school today,hahah! XD
My 'dad' was performing too.^^ ( dragon dance XP )
Ouch,lips are dry.
Chinese Club's performances were not bad,many peepoo did laughed when we were acting the first sketch.
Anyway,I did not feel like CNY,a bit lah...
Cuz everyone in school were discussing about roses,lovers,boy boy and girl girl,presents,datings and stuffs,but CNY?
Yes,the performances today make me feel better.
Yay! Dad bought a new memory card for my camera today,2GB.^^
His red colour camera sucks lah,cannot capture vlear and good coloured pics one.
Anyway,thanks for the little suprise.-^^-
Went to a friend's house after school,yay2,did not stay back,good for me. :D
After that,went to McD with my friend's mum and had our lunch together.
Many Bestari's guys owh~ Hahah! XD
Saw one lengzai summore,wakaka!!! XP
Ate and starwberry ice-cream too.
Lovee the strawberry. :)
Just ate a packet of Munchys oat krunch as my dinner.
Thristy after eating them. :S
Erm...Thanks for the present,❤ it.^^
Hope you will ❤ the so called 'folio' too. -^^- hair smells good. XD
Something happened during the second last period in school just now.
Everything will be alright,don't worry Ling dear. :)
I support you! Have faith and be optimistic,it's not your fault,not at all.
Everybody must enjoy your CNY oh,must eat banyak banyak,okie? XP
Don't waste the very last of the most relaxing holiday before SPM!
Play like hell and crazay~!!! WEEEEYY!
Angpau Angpau come come.
Food food come come.
Gamble gamble don't don't.
Eat eat yes yes.
Yeah~ Can wear nice nice soon,in brand neeeeww clothes! XD
Wanted to have more dresses but,haiz... :(
Mummey! XO
Okie okay,that's all for now,lazy to type ad. :P
So...Happy 'be-earlied' CNY peepoo,celebrate the festive season with all your loved and closed ones.^^
Ya! Byebye!



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