Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lightning Thief

Watched 'Percy Jackson and the The Lightning Thief' at 1U with him just now.
The movie was awsome! XD
Btw...Percy Jackson is dam dam handsome! X3
Someone said that he looks like Zac Efron but...I think that he looks much more better than him.
The movie is kinda long,2 and a half hour? Almost.
Saw some friends there too.^^
Treated him at Fish&co.
It was nice,but we felt full very fast. >.<
Spending time with him now.
I will be missing him very much! >o<
I wonder where will I be tomorrow.
Aiks! Confused.
Not feeling like eating,weird lah. :S
I wanted to drink 'kat zai sun mui' ah~~~
That's all. :D
Is it possible to lose weight during CNY??
I lost weight! I wonder how did that happened to me.
I thought I ate a lot,but actually I doesn't.
Hopefully I will be keeping this appetite after school reopens.
Try to control my BIG PIG appetite bah!
I don't wanna turn a round round PIGGIE. >w<
Okie okay,that's all for today.
Hope you guys will be enjoying the last 2 days of holidays.
Once again,wishing all my friends Happy CNY!



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