Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Valentines

Distributed roses in school today,I was not distributing,hah. :D
Received a rose,thanks.
Brought my blur blur camera to school today,the images taken were so blur! XO
I am not bringing you to school tomorrow,not anymore.
Took class photos today,happy.^^
Anyway,my stupig camera gave me blurry images. DUH~
I am going to edit them,I will do my best to rescue them. Gambadeh~!!!
Measured my weight and height today too.
The weighing machine is sot sot de,I can increase 4 kg after 5 minutes??
Stupiggggg weighing machine!
What makes me sad was,I am shrunk! X'O
I thought I am 164cm tall,at least,but?
What??! I suk sui ad??!!! X'OOOOO
I don't care,I still wrote 164cm into the small book,blek! XP
We marched today after school.
The day was dam hot,superb hot like we were standing on the stove waiting to be burned!
Imagine I was walking home alone under the hot sun.
Luckily LingLing borrowed me her umbrella,otherwise,I think I might have turned into a burned pig now. :D
Thank you Ling dear~
Guess what? I am editting the pics 5A took right now,eddited 2.
I am sorry cuz I can't fix the colours,but I did make the images clearer.
I added something too,hope you guys will like it.^^
Okie then,attending violin class soon,didn't practice too much cuz lazy. :P
Tomorrow is the CNY performances,I,will be acting as ...
Hahah,suspence,just a small role.^^
Let's see what I have done to 5A.

Hope you guys will like them. :)
Sorry cuz I really can't make the images clear.
Okie,have to go now,see ya.^^


sweet dreams

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