Monday, February 15, 2010


Wakaka,angpau angpau mari mari,come to mama. XD
Food cookies drinks chocolates apa-apa pun mari mari.
I wanna makan until fhat fhat.
I wanna play like shot shot.
I wanna laugh like sha po!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! XXD
I am crazy.
Berat hatilah...The first day of CNY gone like that ad. :'(
School is going to reopen after 6 days,so fast! X'O
T________T Plang plang,my heart is bleeding.
Yay,going to eat later,grandma >> my mama's mama cooked BIG BIG thing again.
Wahaha,I feel so energetic when talk about food. XP
Can ban leng leng for days,so happy.
Pet society load fast fast lah.
Many peepoo came to my house last night,there're 5 families.
My house was like,packed like sardin.
No place to sit,no place to place to stand,no place to walk.
Hmph,they were bullying me last night.
I had my dinner earlier so I had nothing to do.
And they asked mt to be the waitress! XO
Duh,when I ngam ngam become the waitress,my stupig bro asked me to zham water for him.
Okay,ngo yan~
Then he asked me to put back the glass for him after he drank it straight away.
Hey~! I am your sister lah! Where is your respect??!
Hahah,nevermind la,play play oni ma. :P
Wah,my tummy really hungry ah.
Woke up late this morning,very GOOD~
I slept late every night,hahah.
CNY mah,of coz have to sleep late de lah! Wakaka! XD
Will be uploading photos when I am free after CNY.
Gtg,buoi buoi peepoo.
Happy CNY.^^



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