Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It is a darn hot day again,anyway,I am glad that it's raining out there.
Although it's raining,but I don't think it cools me down.
I am sweating in the rain.
Walked back home alone after PBSM meeting.
That was the forst time we had our ikrar,PBSM ikrar.
What? We have an ikrar?? O.O
I was like,whoa,it feels odd.
We also did dissection of chicken's heart in school today,the first 2 periods were Bio.
I felt so stupid cuz I think that I should bring more chicken heart from the chicken stall,it cost zero oni!
Guess what,I bring only one. ==
When Puan Vasantha asked me whether how many hearts did I bring.
'What? One??' O.O
Embarrasing! >.<
Let me tell you something.
JingYing is a great 'cutter'.
She was the one who dissected the heart and she did it very nicely.
Her cutting and dissecting skills are so good that PikYin and I even praised her that she could become a famous surgery doctor or a good house wife.
Besides,she is so brave that...=.=
Stop eating orange first.
She was so brave until she 'smashed' the clotted blood into blood. ==
The clotted blood was like black red and it's disgusting! XO
I remember that I dissected a froggy before,I though that the experiment was fun.^^
We - me and my group members were playing it's organs too.
Poor frog was awake when we dissected it until half way and it suddenly jumped!
Walao!! All of us were like...screaming and shouting. XD Hahah!!
I felt sorry to the froggy but...
Sorry,your sacrification will not be wasted.
Rest in peace,dear frog.
Yay,I finished my mandarin orange. :P
Kishen's birthday today,Happy sweet seventeen.^^
I think I need one more shopping.
I am still lack of skirt and pants...
This Sunday can?? Sunway Pyramid?? :D
Oh yea,I heard snowgirl said that Puan Amu will be doing SEGA tomorrow,sei lo...
Have to start streching later...but my muscle is still abit pain!
My leg muscles were very painful especially last Friday and Saturday.
Saturday was the worst one.
Why?? Becauzse of the 100 metre run. ==
100 metre run oni ma??! XO
Haiyoyo! I have to run more next time,acha acha acha! Xo
Hopefully everything will be alright tomorrow...>w<
Puan Vasantha gave us to sing a song called 'Blood flow song'.
It's very funny,hahah! And it's a fast song. XD
Teacher asked someone to sing by using the mike and the best one was ShanHoe.
Claps! X3
Try and listen to it,hahah,dam creative.
Okay,that's all for today.
Hope you guys enjoy your weekdays.
Byebye peepoo~



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