Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Aiks,sleepy. >.<
I slept late every CNY night,from Saturday til now.
Look at my face,wuu wuu wuu~ .><.
Have to drink more H2O to save my darling face le. XO
GAMBADEH~!!! >o<
Wanted to visit an uncle today but he's not in.
BIG BIG angpau~~ T______T
Nevermind,I will visit,I mean we will visit you,aunt Lena,honey Amelia and dar dar Julian on this Thursday.
You guys better be at home. :D
Yaiks,bcuz of that,we had zero plan just now,we don't know where to go.
After visiting Aunt Low,opps,no peepoo to visit ad.
Macam mana ni??
We started to call peepoo,my little bro,my bro,my mum and I.

<< First case >>
Call~ Ring ring,halo?
Yo! Happy CNY! Goin out today?
Owh...wanted to visit you but nvm lah.^^

<< Second case >>
Call~ Ring ring,halo?
Yo! Happy CNY! Goin out today?
Oh,I wanna come take angpau mah,hahah! XD
Owh,sorry lo,my parents aren't at home.
Oh...then nvm lah.^^

POP! Look,angpau dream gone.
Heheh,looks like I lovee angpau very much.
Nola,hahah,a bit bit only. Heheh...XD
So,finally,Aunty Winnie -- our herion saved us.
Whoo hoo~!!! XXP
Mum called her cuz we finally decided to visit Aunty Winnie's mum at Cheras and she said YES and she and her family were on the way to the same place too!
Wah,a rose grew in our heart.
So,we went there immediately and we spent 2 hours there.
Although there's no girl girl to chat with me or play with me,but at least I can listen to the adults chatting.
Lovee listening them chatting. :P
Eeee~ someone sent me a LOVEY bear in Pet Society wor...O.O
Mr.C**** S**,thanks for the bear.^^
Wakaka,going out to have BIG BIG dinner again with uncle David.
Feel so hapeee~~~ >o<
Oh yeah~ Oh yeah~ My weight is not a problem eh~
Oh yeah~ Oh Yeah~ I don't care about my weight eh~
Sorry dear,let me eat gaogao first. XD
Aiyo,hungry ad. >.<
Fast fast come la,I wanna eat ah~~~
Goin to Seremban tomorrow to visit mum's friends at PD.
Have to go off very early.
I wish that we could go back to the coconut dusun again and pluck the coconuts.^^
They're so sweet and I lovee the flesh! XD
I still remebered that we brought back aLOT last time we went there.
There's a little cutie boyboy too.
Hehe,sista will play with you tomorrow yea? -^^-
Okie,that's all for now.
Really hungery lah,I wanna EAT! XO
Hahah,byebye~ ^^


I will be there for you always

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